About Us

Ever wondered why some organizations succeed with flying colours, whilst others plummet like an unwound toy bird with its beak getting stuck straight in the hard floorboards? It is really fairly simple since it is all about PEOPLE who by right “ticking” build truly powerful organizations, communities, and nations.

Please meet me -
a world-changing visionary and initiator:

My name is Katri and I am an internationally CIPD-qualified (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development in London, Great Britain) HR professional, internationally accredited solution-focused coach, motivational speaker, author, and trainer-facilitator. In addition to my daily work as an HR Manager, my big passion is writing – about people, of course!

I have published articles in the DPG Community, “Personali Praktik” magazine, and am also a co-author of “Director” magazine. In July 2014, I have been awarded by the DPG (Developing People Globally) with the Top Collaborator title. I am also a certified negotiator and member of the CIPD.

My professional competencies include change management, motivation and reward programmes, talent and succession planning, organizational strategy based on the development of human capital and leadership, performance management, Employer branding, training, mentoring, and coaching.