Workshop : Exercise your positive influence muscle – a training day that will change your life!

Imagine that your positive influence muscle is well-trained and this competence has become an integral part of your DNA which results in you skilfully achieving your set goals whilst also maintaining good relationships with others. This consciously applied positive influence power opens you doors as well as hearts whilst positional power has no importance whatsover in that picture.

In the workshop “Exercise your positive influence power – a training day that will change your life!” your dream muscle becomes a tangible reality because by the end of it you:

  • have acquired a variety of influence styles, so you can combine them in a flexible manner and adapt them as per specific situation;
  • have acquired influence tricks that support you in achieving your goals as well as maintaining positive relationships and it has absolutely nothing to do with the other party’s positional role;
  • are skilled in presenting your opinion in a convincing and logical manner;
  • are great at creating a vision whilst doing it in a way that is enthralling and plants enthusiasm in others;
  • have a better understanding of how to really get the needs and motivators of others;
  • have a true positive impact on people that makes you even more trustworthy and respected in their eyes;
  • are aware of how to successfully cope with possible blockages and make them as your support tools instead;
  • are a competent strategist in planning important negotiations;
  • have trained your positive influence muscle, given as well as received constructive feedback plus got confirmation how great you look in front of a video recorder. 🙂

A whole day practical and mentally sporty workshop is intensive, tests your limits, eye-opening, and definitely a lot of fun. By the end of the day, the participants’ pockets will be filled with practical tools that support the further growth of the positive influence muscle as well as one’s back is significantly straighter due to a good dosage of self-confidence.

The participants will also get study materials and a hearty lunch appropriate to a true muscle builder.