Services : Recruitment

No doubt you are well aware that being successful is all about the people you are working with and working for. We can spot the ONES – the talent, whether local or abroad, and get you two connected.

For you this “hands-off process” means that we conduct the whole process from profiling the searched Superstar and getting them in your office. And not only, actually also supporting with the whole integration of the newcomer!

A Foreign Talent Straight into the Office

  • consultancy on what should be kept in mind when recruiting and co-operating with a foreign Employee;
  • assessment of the organizaton’s readiness to recruit a foreign Employee;
  • profile mapping;
  • if necessary the preparation of the organization for a foreign Employee to join it;
  • focused search + publishing of the ad in relevant foreign channels;
  • initial Skype interviews;
  • pre-selection process;
  • initial Skype interviews with the client;
  • competence testing;
  • Skype interviews with the client;
  • background and reference checks;
  • organization of the candidate’s visit if necessary;
  • contracts and all other relevant documentation;
  • organization of the living premises by the arrival of the foreign Employee;
  • opening of the bank account, registration of living premises and phone number, local ID card application, finding a doctor, shopping etc;
  • city tour and introduction of surroundings, e.g. shops, centres etc;
  • bringing of the chosen candidate to the organization on their first work day, introduction;
  • if required then finding them outside-work activities (e.g. evenings etc);
  • if required then arrangement of an introduction evening with the new colleague.

Duration of the project: 4-8 months (4-6 months recruitment and bringing the Talent to Estonia, 2-4 months supporting the Talent’s induction).

Talent Hunter

  • in co-operation with the organization compiling of the Talent’s profile;
  • assessment of personality types of the existing team;
  • focused search;
  • pre-interviews and selection;
  • introduction of the suitable candidates to the organization, incl. interviews;
  • competence assessment and additional test assignments carried out at distance;
  • background and reference checks;
  • finalizing the selection.

Duration of the project: max 2,5 months until the Talent joins the organization.