Workshop : Ambulance, tank, submarine, and hub – the machinery of a functioning team

A functioning unit contains a decent machinery and definitely has an ambulance, submarine and a tank in it. Each and every one of them has its own mission, motivation and strengths. How to make this main force understand, trust as well as communicate with each other even better – in other words, to co-operate? Of course in a way that the Representative of every type of machinery would be happy, understood and understanding in a well-functioning, supported and successful machinery.

On the exactly same principle operates also a successful organization´s motivated, inspired and effectively efficient team- an organization that is working via excellent synergy towards the achievement of its set goals!

The workshop “Ambulance, tank, submarine, and hub – the machinery of a functioning team” encourages the birth of truly functioning teams with its members learning more about themselves as well as their companions in order to understand better each other´s motives as well as to appreciate everyone´s strengths – and let´s be honest-, also to accept each other´s peculiarities! And teams co-operating, supporting and appreciating each other in such a manner are the ones who create real stories of success – organizations that are at the top in the eyes of its own people as well as the outside world.

Within this self-discovering, practical, and interactive workshop:

  • you will map your expectations and objectives as a valuable team member and the Representative of the organization as well as start working towards your vision in a thought-through manner;
  • you will specify via a thorough analysis who you are in your unit’s machinery as well as what are the roles of your companions in it;
  • you will learn to understand and accept yourself as well as your companions even better;
  • you will find out how much your companions value you and you have an opportunity to praise them as well;
  • you and your companions will together create in a safe environment via a variety of interactive, fun, and deep converastions a truly powerful team that is based on understanding, respect, and openness. And this is how truly spectacular organizations are born! 🙂

This half-day interactive workshop encourages honest looking into oneself and others. It is all about extending one’s horizons, giving practical knowledge, helping to build the feeling of unity, and fully involving the participants in the process.

The participants leave the workshop as a powerful team consisting of colourful (literally, by the way!) individuals who have even a better understanding of themselves, their companions, and achieving success as one. Participants will be also receiving practical illustrative materials on the subject and during the workshop also delicious snacks together with refreshments as an invigorating “fuel”.