Please allow us present you – successful and progress-orientated leaders!

During the period of October to November ´15, HCD Services in co-operation with its good partner Tehnopol conducted a club series “Success Through People” aimed for successful and progress-orientated leaders. Within this interactive club series, we discussed a variety of very important subjects: what kind of leaders have the capability of pushing the “start” button […]

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Meet the Champions, the Champions of Feedback

On the 25th of September a group of truly successful and progressive individuals met for a feedback workshop: truly inspiring individuals who value both the people around them as well as themselves; who bravely shared their experiences with the others and supported each other in their (self-discovering) journey; who were open and wish to be the […]

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Champions’ Journey With AgileWorks

On the 19th of August in the summer heat of Viitna, our dear HCD’ers Katri and Marit met the lovely AgileWorks’ team to brighten up their summer days in HCD-style. As it has become a custom to us already, the first tasks required stepping out of the comfort zone – this mission gave the day also […]

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A successful workout!

On the 4th of August a group of active young people came together to train their positive influence muscle! Despite the warmth outside and partly inside no one surrendered and gave their everything to get the best outcome. Our trainer Katri was leading the group through a learning and fun full day. By the end […]

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