Workshop : Make Time Your Partner!

How often do you find yourself in a situation when your mailbox is about to explode with yet to be responded, but essential correspondence; your list of priorities has expanded from just a few post-it notes to three A4s; your phone is constantly ringing and everyone is asking for something that was supposed to be completed by yesterday; your boss as well as colleagues are dissatisfied and accuse you of being unorganized; you cannot help but feel as if you are constantly letting someone down, although you try, you really-really try? As for home, then all you remember is how to tiptoe at night from the hallway to the bedroom and early morning rush out with a growling belly and your hair still damp from shower? This scenario is way too familiar to you?

Now imagine a different situation: your mailbox is well-organized and all important correspondence is handled in a timely manner; your calendar has a clear overview with your priorities and you feel no stress since everything can be achieved as expected; your phone rings only in order to clarify something; your boss as well as collagues praise you as a truly effective professional who has everything under control; you are happy with yourself and actually see the positive results of your activities. At home you can enjoy a dinner, stretch out in front of TV, have a decent breakfast as well as spend your weekends with the nearest and dearest. Everything REALLY IS under control. When this picture appeals to you and maybe it is even essential, then befriend with time in the “Make Time Your Partner!” workshop and take control of your life.

During this practical, strategic and interactive workshop:

  • you will gain a realistic understanding of your attitude towards time, overview of your time usage as well as why and for who you do something;
  • you will get acquainted to 6 Brilliant Time Management fundamentals and how to be effectively efficient;
  • you will learn to focus on your actual priorities (whilst giving up on so-called time stealers), become a skilled delegator, and know when to keep going as well as when it is best to let go;
  • you will acquire practical means how to be strategic and successful in your time management whilst achieving your set goals;
  • You will become an excellent Time Manager who is successful in enjoying their life in all spheres! 🙂

This half-day interactive and strategic workshop is practical, results orientated and most definitely life-changing. The participants will leave the workshop as superb Time Managers who have a ready-made plan in their bag, they have re-gained control over their life and the feeling of satisfaction. They have the knowledge and „weapons“ – they are invincible!

All participants will be also receiving illustrative materials on the subject and become such friends with time that they have no rush, but can enjoy the delicious snacks and refreshments served during the workshop.