Are Leaders Born? Nope, Made

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader” John Quincy Adams, the 6th President of the United States of America during the period of 1825-1829.

The phenomenon of a leader tells that the key of each and every successful organization is a person who does the right things, someone who is a role model, inspirer, and creator of a vision as well as methods that lead there. Since through history it has been debated on numerous occasions whether leaders are born or made, then based on actual experiences and practices we can confirm with a deep sigh of relief that leaders are made – through consistent work with oneself, self-development and – awareness, by having a plan as well as being proactive.

This workshop will encourage a birth of true leaders which is not dependent on whether these are your very first steps on this journey or you have already reached in your (professional) life to a conscious leadership “but how else to carry on?” phase.

During this comprehensive, practical, strategic, and interactive workshop:

  • you will map your expectations and objectives as a leader as well as start immediately working towards their achievement;
  • you will have a clear and illustrative overview of how a leader differs from a manager and via a joint discussion you will receive a confirmation to where you are at this stage of time and what as well as why you want to change in this picture;
  • you will get acquainted with a variety of management styles on the basis of true-life samples that will be also spiced up by your own experiences as well as observations;
  • you will create your own personal „I as a leader“ analysis on the basis of which you will prepare for yourself a strategic development and action plan that will include the needs, expectations, vision and mission of yourself as an individual as well as your organization;
  • you will so-called befriend with the logical levels pyramid and methods of turning the know into how;
  • we will speak about motivation (including self-motivation) and achievement of objectives – whether these are personal, team or organizational;
  • you will acquire knowledge on how you as a role model can contribute into the establishment of effectively efficient teams;
  • you will enter into a written agreement with your co-leaders based on which you will be acting on daily basis, what kind of values you will be following, and which goals are the ones that you are jointly moving towards;
  • you will let your leadership nature freely flow in a trusting environment filled with interactive activities and discussions as well as create with your co-leaders a truly understanding, open and honest co-operation synergy. 🙂

This full day interactive workshop that encourages an honest look into oneself is all about self-discovery, extending horizons, being practical, and definitely enthralling. By the end of the day, the participants wearing „leadership cloaks“ will be left inspired and their cloak pockets will be filled with a ready-made vision, strategy and actions plan in order to better oneself as a leader, one’s team as well as organization even more.