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Do you want to be even more successful? Do you want to be a top dog among your people as well as in the eyes of the external world? Do you want your business to be sustainable and successful also in the future? If so, then look no further.

In order to support the birth of organizational success stories with people playing the essential role in it, then we have compiled several packages for you to choose from. The packages are samples or in other words – you are the one who will compile a package most suitable for your organization.

The presented packages are meant for the following organizations:

  • organizations that do not have HR competence available in their daily teams or is lacking of a specific competence that is of business critical nature;
  • organizations that grow swiftly or move in that direction, hence therefore need support in dealings with people during the times of change;
  • organizations who have turned their business focus to export and therefore need support with change management within the organization;
  • organizations who need support with finding talent from abroad or who have decided to turn their team international, however need advice with restructuring the organizational culture;
  • organizations that need support with attracting, developing as well as retaining talent.
HR Partner

  • supporting of Managers, consulting on Employment Law and issues related to the field of business;
  • coordination and supporting of the selection and recruitment process;
  • contracts and all necessary administrative activities when an Employee joins/departs from the organization;
  • mapping of training needs as well as coordination of trainings;
  • coordination of performance management reviews;
  • monthly reporting;
  • organization of Employee events, e.g. summer days, Christmas party etc.

Duration of the project: as per organizational needs (daily or as per need).

Human Capital Developer in your Organization

  • strategic partnership in human capital planning and development as per the organization’s objectives;
  • establishment and application of HR policies as well as strategies;
  • mapping of competencies, development and assessment;
  • formation of organizational culture and atmosphere;
  • mentoring and coaching.

Duration of the project: as per organizational needs (daily or as per need).

HR Support for Start-ups

  • strategic planning and mapping of workforce required in the future;
  • recruitment and selection;
  • consultancy in people-related matters and Employment Law;
  • establishment of the HR processes;
  • necessary administrative activities;
  • establishment and implementation of the organizational values;
  • strategic partnership in human capital-related matters.

Duration of the project: as per the organization’s needs.

How to manage the Y-generation?

  • talent management;
  • performance management;
  • constant development programmes;
  • succession planning;
  • training coordination;
  • coaching.

Duration of the project: as per the organization’s needs.

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