Workshop : Champions feedback

It is not said in vain that Champions eat feedback for breakfast (the main meal course of a day!). Feedback is in no doubt a „substance“ necessary for human existance that equals in its importance to oxygen – it invigorates, creates an adequate understanding of reality, and develops. Surely, a starving person does not function as they should: they lack of strength and motivation to contribute; they have no desire to be creative and their apathy does not result in any achievements on an individual, team or organizational level.

In the “Champions feedback“ workshop you will gain all what is needed to implement a knowledgeable and healthy diet that provides an inspiring, motivating, effective and energizing bellyful for its recipient as well as its giver.

During this extremely practical, comprehensive, and interactive workshop:

  • you will be mapping your expectations and objectives whilst starting to work for their achievement straight away;
  • you will find out what feedback has in common with cybernetics and so-called snowball effect; how we are influenced by our childhood and social status; and who is the feedback really giving information about;
  • you will be consciously competent in combining value words in feedback in order to deliver a powerful message;
  • you will compile an honest self-analysis on yourself as a feedback giver and receiver, also we will be sharing our best as well as worst feedback experiences among each other;
  • you will have a thorough understanding of various feedback methods;
  • you will become even more aware of the power of body language and tonality in communication. You can also try out what it is like to speak like a Wizard, Friend, Warrior, and Wise Elder which is absolutely fantastic!;
  • you will be actively involved in a discussion on when feedback giving does not work, reasons behind receiving as well as giving it, and how to overcome the obstacles;
  • giving and receiving effective feedback will become your DNA;
  • you will be “feasting” in a trusting environment filled with interactive activities, role plays, and discussions. Also, you will receive confirmation that you look absolutely amasing in front of a camera! 🙂

This full day interactive workshop that encourages an honest look into oneself is intensive, emotional, eye-opening, and most definitely enthralling. By the end of the day, the “bellies” of the participants will be full of true “delicacies” and their pockets are filled with practical “breakfast tools”.

Participants will be also receiving study materials and during the day a delicious lunch fit for a Champion.